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Changes between 2018-04-22 and 2018-05-23

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2018-05-22 09:47:48 Mickaël Guessant /trunk/src/java/davmail/http/ v 2594

Fix #476, try to avoid deadlock with a connection manager object lock
2018-05-17 15:31:31 Mickaël Guessant /trunk/src/java/davmail/http/ v 2593
/trunk/src/java/davmail/ui/ v 2593

Fix #456 longstanding proxy handling issue
2018-05-16 18:15:38 Mickaël Guessant /trunk/src/java/davmail/exchange/ews/ v 2592
/trunk/src/java/davmail/exchange/ews/ v 2592

Caldav: fix multivalued field update, send DeleteItemField instead of SetItemField with an empty value when field has no value, should fix bug #682
2018-05-15 23:14:44 Mickaël Guessant /trunk/src/java/davmail/exchange/ews/ v 2591

Caldav: Detect X-MOZ-LASTACK and X-MOZ-SNOOZE-TIME updates to avoid sending notifications on dismiss with Thunderbird