Building DavMail from source

Building DavMail is quite simple:

  • Make sure you have Java 6 or 7 installed and set as current version by checking JAVA_HOME:
    • Unix/OSX:
      echo $JAVA_HOME
    • Windows:
      echo %JAVA_HOME%
  • Check if you already have Apache Ant installed :
    ant -version

    If you don't, download and unzip ant from, add ant/bin full path to the PATH environment variable.
  • Get DavMail source package from sourceforge and uncompress it:
    tar xvzf davmail-src-*.tgz

    or checkout trunk:
    svn co

    or get and uncompress tarball from
  • Additional steps on Windows:
  • Go into davmail directory root directory (which contains the build.xml file) and type:

Packages are then available under dist