POP Thunderbird mail setup

There are two ways to access Exchange emails through DavMail Gateway: the good old and efficient POP protocol, limited to Inbox access and the IMAP protocol that enables full message folder tree access. IMAP support in DavMail is more recent and less optimised than POP.

This page describes POP3 setup, if you need multiple folders access, proceed to IMAP Thunderbird mail setup instead.

DavMail can be used with any POP3/SMTP client by adjusting the following description designed for Thunderbird

Create a new account

Choose Add Mail Account... under Account settings and enter name, email address and password:

Click Continue and Manual config without waiting for automatic config:

Incoming server type is POP, server hostname is localhost, default port is 1110, no SSL and normal password authentication. Outgoing server is localhost, default port is 1025, no SSL and normal password authentication. Set your username (windows account name or email address) and click Re-test to validate account settings, then Create Account:

Without SSL you will get the following warning, check box and confirm account creation:

Note: as communication between Thunderbird and DavMail is local, cleartext mode is not an issue, except on shared machines (e.g. Terminal server).

Proceed to Thunderbird calendar setup