OSX directory setup

DavMail Directory support is now available to access Exchange address book through LDAP. A special OpenDirectory naming context was implemented to enable iCal attendee completion.

Open Directory Utility

In OSX Finder, go to Utilities and launch Directory Utility. Under OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard, Directory Utility is tucked away in /System/Library/CoreServices.

Leopard only: choose Show Advanced Settings, switch to Services tab

Select LDAPv3 and click the pencil icon (you may need to unlock settings with your admin password first):

Click New...:

Enter DavMail server name (localhost) and click Manual:

Enter Configuration Name and choose OpenDirectory in LDAP Mappings:

Enter o=od as Search Base Suffix and click Ok:

Now click Edit...:

If DavMail LDAP listen port is not 389, check Use custom port and enter actual port (default is 1389):

Then activate authentication under the Security tab and enter your credentials, then press OK twice to close the settings:

Under the Search Policy tab, choose Contacts, set Search to Custom Path and click the + to add /LDAPV3/localhost to the list of Directory Domains:

Proceed to OSX IMAP Mail setup