DavMail Setup on Mac OS X

Either setup Java 7/8 from Oracle Java page or use Apple provided Java 6 at Java for OS X 2014-001, then download DavMail-MacOSX-version.app.zip

Note to OSX Mountain Lion users: you need to disable Gatekeeper (at least temporarily) to avoid the warning or DavMail is damaged and can’t be opened message with Java 6 package.

Older OSX releases include Java 5, this version does not support Tray icon, and DavMail uses a dedicated frame instead. An upgrade to Java 6 will enable tray icon. Recent OSX versions either include Java 6 or can install it automatically on first Java application launch. Note that Java 7 is only available from Oracle and will not be provided by Apple.

Download DavMail Mac OSX package from Sourceforge:

OSX Download

Safari should automatically extract application from archive. If not, just double click on the zip file to trigger decompression. DavMail.app directory is then recognised as a valid OSX application, except on Mountain Lion as application downloaded through Safari are marked as invalid.

On OSX Mountain Lion, open System Preferences and choose Security and Privacy, then unlock panel with lock icon and choose Anywhere:

OSX Gatekeeper

Launch DavMail application once (double click on the application icon).

You can then go back to System Preferences/Security and Privacy and restore original setting.

On first start the application displays the Settings (Preferences) frame.

OSX Desktop

In order to get balloon notifications, you will need to install Growl 1.2.2 from http://growl.info/:

OSX Growl

Adjust DavMail settings: Getting started