IMAP Thunderbird mail setup

There are two ways to access Exchange emails through DavMail Gateway: the good old and efficient POP protocol, limited to Inbox access and the IMAP protocol that enables full message folder tree access. DavMail IMAP listener has a higher memory footprint.

This page describes IMAP setup, if you don't need multiple folders access, proceed to POP Thunderbird mail setup instead.

DavMail can be used with any IMAP/SMTP client by adjusting the following description designed for Thunderbird. DavMail IMAP support is tested with Thunderbird, Outlook and Apple Mail.

Create a new account

Choose Add Mail Account... under Account settings and enter name, email address and password:

Click Continue and Manual config without waiting for automatic config:

Incoming server type is IMAP, server hostname is localhost, default port is 1143, no SSL and normal password authentication. Outgoing server is localhost, default port is 1025, no SSL and normal password authentication. Set your username (windows account name or email address) and click Re-test to validate account settings, then Create Account:

Without SSL you will get the following warning, check box and confirm account creation:

Note: as communication between Thunderbird and DavMail is local, cleartext mode is not an issue, except on shared machines (e.g. Terminal server).

Proceed to Thunderbird calendar setup

Optional additional step

Thunderbird mail message tags

In Thunderbird email messages can be organized with message tags. Outlook provides similar functionality with categories. DavMail's IMAP gateway can transparently translate tags to categories (and vice versa). For custom defined tags it may be necessary to tell DavMail how to convert tags to categories.

Thunderbird stores tags on the server using IMAP keywords. But internally Thunderbird uses a mapping between the user visible tag names and the actually used keywords. For instance, the To Do tag is represented by the $label4 keyword. Assuming you want the Outlook categories to have the same names as the Thunderbird tags, DavMail must know which keywords Thunderbird uses for each tag.

The keywords used by Thunderbird can be found through Preferences -> Advanced -%gt; Config Editor, and searching for mailnews.tags.*.tag, which will show them as mailnews.tags.keyword.tag settings with their corresponding tag user visible value.

Some default tags are defined in Thunderbird, for which DavMail uses a default mapping to categories:

$label4=To Do

These mappings can be overridden and extended by manually adding properties to the DavMail settings file ( as davmail.imapFlags.keyword=category, like this:

davmail.imapFlags.some_test_tag=Some test Category